Sustainability Promise

It is no secret that the fashion industry causes major damage to the earth. There’s land fills with mountains of clothing, excessive cardboard/plastic packaging & etc.

Here at Hott Threads, I want to encourage people to shop second hand as a way to have fun with fashion without causing more harm to the earth. Building a sustainable wardrobe, filled with quality clothing will help curb fast fashion shopping, help you save a few bucks and build a wardrobe full of well crafted staples. Choosing to shop for vintage clothing is an amazing curate a sustainable wardrobe and have one of a kind garments. 

My promise for Hott Threads is to always continue to find new and innovative to add sustainable practices to the business.

I’m happy to announce that Hott Threads uses Grounded Packaging reusable, compostable mailers to ship out all of your vintage goodies. Curious on how to compost at home? Check out this video here.

Got any tips or feedback? Email me at with Sustainable in the subject line.

Cheers and shop sustainably!