Your Personal Stylist

Stuck in a style rut?
Getting bored of wearing the same pair of leggings and Tshirt?
Saw something cute on Hott Threads, but can't figure out how to style it or how it fits with the rest of your wardrobe?
Fear no more!
Set up a styling session with me!
We can email, g-chat or have a zoom styling session.
Reach out and email me at with Styling Session in the subject line.
Not to be dramatic, but buying something online and realizing you don't know how to wear it and it just sits in your closet is the worst! My goal is to help you feel confident and happy with every purchase from Hott Threads. 
I am happy to help you shop the website and be YOUR personal stylist. 
I have interned in fashion since college, and assisted for fashion stylists in NYC, styled a music video + instagram campaigns, and worked in luxury retail, providing personal styling to in store clients. I'm constantly on the look out for trends, brands, and new ways of styling. Needless to say, I got you! I'm relentless when it comes to finding the perfect thing for someone.
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