Five 90's Runway Shows I Can't Stop Thinking About

Something I love to do is watch runway shows. Between the clothes, the models, the music, and the set, it's a beautiful performance to me.  It can provide amazing style inspiration too. 

Here's a list of five runway shows from the 90's that I can't stop thinking about. 



1. Betsey Johnson SS94

Betsey Johnson Spring Summer 1994 Runway

Watch it here

This show falls into the category of a chaotic good. You can see Betsey Johnson dancing along the runway and on the side of the runway the whole show. The set is a hair salon and the models were dressed as a chic race car drivers, doctors and disheveled dolls. Models were eating pizza, carrying large combs and throwing shoes into the crowd. It was a party on the catwalk.

2. Alexander McQueen FW98, Joan

Alexander Mcqueen Fall Winter 1998 Runway Show

Watch it here

You can't talk about runway shows without mentioning it Alexander McQueen. This show gave me a "Joan of Arc goes to a vampiric art gallery opening" vibe. The models have intricate hair designs, blood red eyes and a sharp gaze. You can see the classic McQueen tailoring in the gorgeous strong shoulder trenches. Of course, in McQueen fashion, the show ends with a model in the middle of flame circle. This was a work of art.

3. Moschino SS91

Moschino Spring Summer 1991 Runway Show

Watch it here

This collection is so fun and campy. To me it feels like "Ms.Frizzle hits the club". The models were really playful on the runway, frolicking with each other and one put on her makeup in the middle of the runway. There's also some matador inspired outfits too! I like how the style felt casual, yet bold.

4. Vivienne Westwood SS95

Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 1995 Runway Show

Watch it here

Vivienne Westwood, the queen (in my opinion). This collection was stunning. The set was a gorgeous, belle epoque style living room and the models were dressed as modern, flirty aristocratic women. There were bad ass pant suit moments and models eating ice cream in a coquettish manner. The show ends with a bridal outfit that reminded me of Botticelli's Primavera painting.

5. John Galliano SS92

John Galliano Spring Summer 1992 Runway Show

Watch it here

Ugh, I love this collection!!! The whole coquette, broken doll inspired look is everything to me. This collection had beautiful shimmering fabrics, luxe feathers peaking out of the back of skirts, and ultra sleek nun inspired dresses. It's as decadent and fabulous as wearing a silk robe and eating cake in the morning.