Five 90's Outfits Inspired by Iconic 90's Stars

Here's a round up of five 90's outfits by iconic 90's stars. The resurgence of 90's fashion has had a clutch on the fashion industry for years now and it looks like it's not going anywhere any time soon. Designers and brands are taking inspiration from 90's red carpet moments, album art and editorial to bring a fresh new take on old trends. 

I personally love 90's fashion. In fact, I spend more time than I want to admit on Pinterest searching 90's red carpet or editorial to get inspired from. There's something that is so effortless and cool about that decade in fashion. The textured tops, playing with proportions, the quirkiness and simplicity of it all keeps me coming back to it. Hott Threads I would carries a lot of vintage 90's fashion because it is my decade.

Scroll and check out iconic throw back artists that may love and may forgotten about. These women had such bad ass distinct style and made superb music. 


1. Gwen Stefani

The queen of the 90's! Her style during her no doubt was mix of sporty, punk and playfully cyber. I love this outfit in particular for the seamlessly blending doc marten and track pants. It's intentional and it adds refinement to a sporty outfit.

90's Gwen Stefani

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2. Alanis Morissette

Ah, I love Alanis Morissette's style. It is dreamy, yet tough. This outfit in particular I love because of the neckline and shape of this maxi dress.

90's alanis morissette

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3. Sade

Sade is one of those people that everything she does looks so graceful and cool. What I love about this look in particular is the canadian tuxedo moment with the bold gold jewelry. It makes her whole outfit pop!

90's sade

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4. Kylie Minogue

Fun fact: Kylie Minogue was on my Spotify wrapped top five artists that I listen. I love her music and most importantly her style. I'm a sucker for a biker short moment. Biker shorts are comfortable and if styled correctly, can look chic. 

kylie minogue

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5. Kim Gordon

Okay, but who doesn't love Sonic Youth and in particular Kim Gordon! She's such a bad ass to me. I love this photo for the statement t-shirt, her disheveled hair and choker, totally encapsulates 90's energy.

sonic youth

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