DIY Halloween Costumes

 POV, you get a text getting inviting to a Halloween party this weekend and you’re thinking “omg what I am going to wear?!”. The option of buying an itchy costume from Amazon or Party City that you’ll probably only wear once and shove it in the back of your closet isn’t particularly appealing.

 Let Hott Threads help you at with that. I am a big fan of working with what’s in your closet or shopping second-hand to make my Halloween costume. The best part of this is its cheap, low effort, sustainable, and you can actually wear your costume the next day. 

 Here’s Hott Threads round-up of DIY Halloween Costumes:

 P.S. if you’re you want a really easy costume to check out these handmade horns. For years, I have styled some sort of cute spooky outfit, throw on some horns, and calling it a costume. Works every time.


1. Goth Girl

Top: Laundry Bustier

Skirt: Anya Slip Skirt

Horn: Horns & Tail Magenta

 diy halloween costume

2. Spider Girl

Top: Spider T-Shirt

Skirt: Brooke Tennis Skirt

Horns: Horns Azure

 spider girl

3. Wolf 

Hoodie: Raver Hoodie

Pants: Stiletto Riding Pants

Horns: Horns & Tail Twilight


 diy halloween costume


 4. Cheerleader

Top: Kiss Tank Top

Skirt: Cheerleader Skirt

Horns: Horn & Tail Bone



diy halloween costume